Ashvasan - Reaching out to the aged and the lonely

Ashvasan, a voluntary service organization, was started in 1993 to reach out to the senior citizens, the aged and the lonely. We have realized that changes in our value system, disintegration of the joint family system into nuclear families, inflation and high cost of living have put tremendous pressure on senior citizens making them feel insecure, uncared for and inadequate both at home and outside. Over the years Ashvasan has touched the lives of hundreds of senior citizens in Bangalore.

About Ashvasan

Ashvasan - Reaching out to the aged and the lonely

Ashvasan, a voluntary service organization, was started in 1993 to reach out to the senior citizens, the aged and the lonely. We have realized that changes in our value system, disintegration of the joint family system into nuclear families, inflation and high cost of living have put tremendous pressure on senior citizens making them feel insecure, uncared for and inadequate both at home and outside. Over the years Ashvasan has touched the lives of hundreds of senior citizens in Bangalore.

Whether the person is staying in a family environment or staying alone or in a Home for the Aged, the key word to this problem is loneliness and attitude to life is the key to better living. Ashvasan has sought to address itself to this problem. Volunteers of Ashvasan contribute care and concern and spare time to share it with the lonely without expectations of any kind, to restore a sense of self esteem, confidence and dignity in them. The warmth given relieves the loneliness of the senior citizens to a considerable extent.

With retirement or aging come the changes in family relationships physical adjustment to the process of aging, inherent concern for health, fear of rejection, unfulfilled ambitions, feeling of uselessness and low self esteem. High stress and increased personalization of death (last) all amounts to a sense of loss of identity.

Our attitude and behaviour, our enthusiasm and the zest and zeal for living play a predominant role in determining adjustments rather than external factors. Aging really has to be an inevitable progress in one's capacity to adapt, adjust and survive physically and mentally. We have also learnt that people with good mental health feel comfortable about themselves, are able to meet the demands of life, feel right about other people and are at peace with themselves and in harmony with others.

All our activities are geared to cultivate aging graceful with no self pity. To have a purpose, to become self reliant, self sufficient and at the same time to accept dependence without resentment.

We feel that being together for the last several years, each one knows who they are, accept who they are and love and care for themselves and get satisfaction from the simple every day pleasures. Can accept their own shortcomings and that of others. Can take life's disappointments in their stride. Not controlled by emotions but can control them. They do not over estimate their abilities. Can laugh at themselves.

Thus, from the feed back received, life is transformed and becomes meaningful when we are able to give love and consideration to others. Have relationships that are lasting and satisfying. Respect differences in other people and feel a part of a group to share and communicate, and feel a responsibility to others.

The foundation has grown from strength to strength during the last 15 years, touching the lives of hundreds and thousands of senior citizens in the city. Be it by providing them with leisure activities, companionship, seminars, food, clothing or medical assistance, Ashvasan has been striving to restore a sense of purpose in the life of its senior members. Please read further in this website about the work being developed presently by this wing of Lalita Shivaram Ubhayaker Foundation for the Arts.

About Ashvasan

The Objectives of Ashvasan

To reach out to the elderly in order to reinstate their sense of purpose and meaning in life and restore self worth, dignity and confidence.

How does Ashvasan do this?

With growing number of volunteers and centers in each locality, Ashvasan plans and executes a series of activities to involve the elderly as participants.

Recreation Centres

Ten recreation centres have been set up all over Bangalore. The members of each centre meet once a month, over tea and snacks and partake in programmes that deal with issues like health, yoga, safety and security, financial investments, travelogues and topical subject like current political situation etc. Entertainment in music, dance and humour.

Feeding Programme in the Slums

For the past 6 years, five projects have been started for feeding senior citizens in the slums who are otherwise neglected and helpless: MRS Palya, Bhuvaneswari Nagar, CSI – Shivajinagar, Vyalikaval and Yelahanka where approximately 150 senior citizens are being assisted with food, blankets, clothing, medication, toiletries, etc on a regular basis, and also being taught skills like paper-bag making. The cost of this is approximately Rs.20,000 per month (Rs.240,000 per annum), and the Foundation is in pressing need for a van to keep on with this daily midday meal distribution (a van to be donated would also be used to transport our members to meetings and help them in other day-to-day tasks and appointments).

Ashvasan Wing in Old Age Home

The Ashvasan wing in the Asha Jeevan Home for the Aged is a dream come true and a proof of Ashvasan's resolve and success. This wing provides accommodation and health care for 30 bed-ridden senior citizens in 11 rooms. This late addition was a pressing need for these patients who need constant medical attention, since most Senior Citizens' Homes do not admit bed-ridden patients. This wing was possible with financial support of Rs.15,00,000 from Ashvasan Corpus Fund and is now running independently.

World Elders Day & Awards to Senior Citizens

On World Elders Day, which the Foundation celebrates every year with a special gathering of all its members on 1st October, a unique scheme has been initiated with Rs. 10,000 Awards being given to senior citizens who have excelled and served the community in six different categories: Arts, Crafts, Music, Theatre, Dance and Sports, but are now in their old age left alone, forgotten and neglected. Ashvasan thought that recognition is due to these people who filled our lives with colour and meaning, and though this is not a large sum, we know it means a lot to them and it could create awareness of the need for recognition to be given to such persons.

Medical Relief Corpus Fund

Ashvasan also started a medical scheme with a nucleus of Rs. 200,000, the interest of which will be utilised every year to provide medical relief to senior citizens in need. The first recipient of aid from the Medical Relief Fund was paid Rs.10,000 - the maximum amount to be given to one person (in her case corresponding to half of the amount of her radiation bill). The activities of the Medical Relief Fund will be extended as best as possible, depending also on the donations towards this end.

Annual Seminars

Once a year Ashvasan arranges for seminar(s), usually for half a day that terminates with lunch. The members are exposed to leading personalities and competent experts deliver lectures on a variety of topics of relevance such as safety and security, health, finance and money markets, religion and philosophy to name a few.

Health Camps

Periodic Health Camps are conducted at various Centres in the city where in the senior citizens can avail free check up on their health relating to Diabetes, Ophthalmology, ENT, Dental, Heart, Prostate, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Urology etc.


Each Volunteer at Ashvasan is a friend and guardian to two or three elderly people. They provide any assistance required like banking, medical problems and shopping for groceries. If nothing else. They just lend a patient ear or strong shoulder in times of stress.

Letters of Cheer

A Letter of Cheer written by a member of Ashvasan is distributed to all Centres at their monthly meetings. They are also mailed to members who are home bound and unable to attend the meetings. The contents may include a cheery note, a beautiful poem, a touching story. All aimed at buoying the spirit of the lonely soul.

Founders Message

Dear Friend,

In our culture, the elderly have always been looked at with respect and love. Most of us have had some experience of taking care of the elderly in our family. Many of us grew up loving and being loved by our grandparents.

In today's world of working couples and demanding school curricula where time is a precious commodity, senior citizens find themselves rich with time that they have no one else to share with.

Old age is the time when new vistas are open to us. It is an opportunity to share the wealth of experience and knowledge we have gathered in our lifetime. Our culture tells us that it is that phase of our lives when we need to introspect, internalize and unlock spaces for deeper communion.

We at Ashvasan believe that elderly people have a lot that they can give to society. Much more than society can give to them. It is our endeavour to restore the sense of purpose in the lives of senior citizens, to make them feel wanted and cared for in the last lap of their lives.

It is left to people like you and us to help them get back their self worth and dignity. Come join us in our battle against age and loneliness.

Late Mrs. Lalita Shivaram Ubhayaker (Founder)

Recreation Centers

Recreation Centers


Vasanth Nagar Centre
Indira Patolawala
2336 4775 / 98803 07345
1st Tuesday of every month at 4 pm
Palace Garden Recreation Centre, Palace Garden Apartments, Palace Cross Road, Bangalore
Sampangiram Nagar
Trupti Patel
2221 0355 / 93417 04828
1st Thursday of every month at 4 pm
No.43, UWA Hostel 4th Main, Sampangiram Nagar, Bangalore – 560 027
Koramangala Centre
U. Bhaskar Rao
2551 3441 / 93412 11660
3rd Tuesday of every month at 4 pm
Indian Heritage Academy Hall 80 Ft Rd, Near Koramangala Police Station, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 034
Indira Nagar Centre
Rajini Bhat
2522 0201 / 98454 95719
3rd Saturday of every month at 4.30 pm
Rotary House of Service 16th ‘E’ Main, Off 100 Feet Road Indira Nagar, Bangalore- 560 038
Malleswaram Centre
Indulekha Vijayasarathy
2334 0016 / 99000 98419
4th Monday of every month at 4 pm
MEWS Ladies Club 17th Cross, Near 4th Main Road Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560 003
Jalavayu Vihar Centre
Capt. Muddiah
2368 2082 / 94482 72765
Last Sunday of every month at 5 pm
Jalavayu Vihar, Kammanahalli Bangalore

About Ashvasan

Volunteers of Ashvasan Foundation

Tel: Residence
E-mail ID
Ashvasan Foundation
2225 8091
6597 9732
Malavika Ubhayaker Bijur
2225 8091
Bhaskar Rao U.
2551 3441
93412 11660
Dipti Patel
2343 2993
97411 12848
Gailing Begg
2363 6281
97311 18475
Indira Agni
2333 1708
98451 01041
Indira Patolawala
2336 4775
98803 07345
Indu Subramanian
2558 5446
99862 03169
Indulekha Vijayasarathy
2334 0016
99000 98419
6568 6382
99455 16382
Lalitha Das
2334 1583
98452 40558
Lalitha Srinivasan
2226 5763
93413 23509
Malini White
2227 2912
94490 22358
Padma Siddanna
2221 4380
94480 81814
Ram Mohan Dassan V.L.
2223 2911
98800 03872
Revathi Ramkrishna
2346 3662
98442 98112
Savithri Bhaskar Rao
2551 3441
93412 11660
Col. Subramanian
2558 5446
99862 03169
Thomas Verghese
2368 2529
99459 26448
Trupti Patel
2221 0355
93417 04828
Vasanth Rao
4123 1514
98457 41036
93428 45656
Jaya Padmanabh
99804 78099

About Ashvasan


  • Feeding The Poor
  • Health Camps
  • Recreation Centers
  • Annual Seminars
  • World Elders Day Every Year
  • Vishram Project
  • Care Of Homebound And Lonely Seniors
  • Honoring Members Over 80 Years
  • Honoring Artists And Craftsperson's
  • Medical Help-To Selected Needy And Poor
  • News Letters Every Quarter
About Ashvasan
About Ashvasan

Letter of Cheer

Members of Ashvasan author inspiring articles on a regular basis and we publish them by the name - "Letter of Cheer". Our aim is to come out with a "Letter of Cheer" every month. You can download them here.

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About Ashvasan

How you can Help

Perhaps you can help us in our cause of Spreading Love and Care by contributing financially and other wise. Donations to Ashvasan Foundation are exempt from Income Tax u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act. We are registered under FCRA to receive donations from abroad. You can help in any of the following ways:

  • Become a Senior Citizen member by making a onetime payment of a minimum Rs. 1,000/-
  • Become a Volunteer, by making a onetime payment of Rs. 1,000/-.
  • Become a donor by making a payment of Rs. 5,000/-.
  • Become a Patron by making a payment of Rs. 10,000/-
  • Sponsor a meal for the inmates of the old age ashram for Rs. 2,500/-.
  • Sponsor a workshop or seminar for approx Rs. 50,000/-.
  • Donate old cloths, sweaters, wheel chairs, walkers, medicines, nutritive supplements and other useable items.
  • Donate a lump sum amount. interest from this can be utilized as as desired by you.
About Ashvasan
About Ashvasan

Contact Us

  • Smriti-Nandan Cultural Centre, 15/3, Palace Road, Bangalore - 560 052, Karnataka - INDIA
  • +91 80 2225 8091 / +91 80 6597 9732
  • Mrs. Malavika Ubhayaker Bijur(Managing Trustee) : +91 80 2225 8091
  • Mrs. Gailing Begg (Secretary) : +91 80 2363 6281
  • Mr. Bhaskar Rao U (Treasurer) : +91 80 2551 3441